Courage. Loyalty. Humility. Grit. Empowerment. A drive for growth.

These are the characteristics that make for greatness. I have been blessed to learn them from my father, Dr. Abraham Pishevar. He is affectionately known as ‘Papa,’ not just to me, my siblings, and his grandchildren, but to the countless others he has touched over the years in his native Iran and his adoptive America.

Exposure to these characteristics and the ability to recognize them in others has been a key to my success as an entrepreneur and investor. None of which would have been possible without Papa’s hard-earned lessons.

Shervin Pishevar

Co-founder Sofreh Capital, Virgin Hyperloop, Sherpa, Webs, JamCity. VC in Uber, Airbnb, PillPack, Slack, Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker, MZ, Tumblr, Robinhood.

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